How much does a wrongful death lawyer charge? 

How much does a wrongful death lawyer charge?

Most wrongful death lawyers representing people seeking damages do not charge an upfront fee. Instead, they operate on a contingency fee basis, so there is no cost to their clients unless and until they win a financial settlement. The amount of a wrongful death lawyer’s fee will depend on many variables, including the length of time needed to do the necessary investigation, negotiate the terms of the case, and appear in court, as well as the total amount of damages that are ultimately collected. They will not be compensated for their services if they are unsuccessful in recovering money for you. The typical contingency fee is based on a percentage of the recovery. That percentage ranges from 25% to 40%. 

Arrangements for Contingency Fees

A legal fee that is contingent upon the resolution of a lawsuit is, broadly speaking, referred to as a contingency fee. Contingent fees have these qualities: 

No advance fee: The majority of contingency fee agreements don’t call for a fee advance or other upfront payment before the attorney begins working on the case. This makes sense because the price depends on how the case turns out.

No charge for a loss: If the attorney is unsuccessful in obtaining a settlement or damages award, there is no fee owed. As a result, the attorney has a motivation to prevail and, more crucially, to prevail handsomely.

No upfront legal fees: The lawyer’s contingency fee is covered by the revenues of the settlement or damages award. This means that the attorney won’t get paid until you do. This allows families with modest means to hire the greatest legal counsel. That is significant because, to deny, delay, and defend the wrongful death claim, the insurance companies frequently hire some of the most costly and seasoned defense lawyers.

Clients must receive a written fee agreement from attorneys who charge a contingency fee. Each of these concerns should be covered in this agreement. If it doesn’t, you should speak with your wrongful death lawyer to make sure you fully comprehend and are at ease with the fee structure.

What Costs Are Involved in Cases of Wrongful Death?

Cases involving wrongful death have many complications. With all of the problems come expenses. An overview of some of the expenses related to filing a wrongful death claim include:

  • Filing fees 
  • Process service fees for serving subpoenas and the complaint 
  • Courier fees 
  • Stenographer and videographer fees
  • Electronic filing fees 
  • Private investigators 
  • Research
  • Copying
  • Expert witness fees 
  • Demonstrative evidence 
  • Lodging and travel 

You should now have a better understanding of the wrongful death costs. Most wrongful death lawyers assume these charges as part of their representation. If they do not win the case, then you will not owe the costs that they have spent. Any costs that the attorney will charge to your payout will be specified in the signed fee agreement.

how much does a wrongful death lawyer charge?

Percentage of money the wrongful death lawyer charges 

The amount of the attorney’s fee, which varies from lawyer to lawyer and case to case, is often a percentage of the settlement or damages award. A contingency fee is often charged by attorneys in the range of 25 to 40 percent.

A lawyer’s fee may go up if they take on wrongful death cases that are extremely complicated or that have a high chance of failing. This is so that the client only has to pay attorney fees if the lawyer is successful in getting the client’s side of the case compensated under the terms of a contingency fee agreement. An attorney who loses a wrongful death case won’t normally receive any compensation and is also likely to have lost the money that was used to prepare the case.

Variable percentages based on the stage of the case 

Whether the attorney charges a different percentage based on whether the matter settles or goes to trial will be specified in the fee agreement. You should be aware that this form of agreement exists even if few lawyers use it.

Calculating attorneys fees for wrongful death lawsuits. 

The method used by attorneys to determine their contingency fee does vary. Whether the calculations are based on the net recovery or the gross recovery will make the biggest difference. The price may significantly change based on that distinction.

Assume a lawyer is charging a 40% contingency fee and has $5,000 in expenses that must be subtracted. You might earn $25,000 or $27,000 if the lawsuit settles for $50,000 depending on whether the costs are subtracted before or after the attorney’s fee.

Gross award: The attorney is paid $20,000 in fees or 40% of $50,000. After subtracting the $5,000 in expenses, you are left with $25,000.

Net award: The $5,000 in expenses were subtracted from the $50,000 settlement. The net award of $45,000 is then used to determine the attorney’s 40% fee. You receive $27,000 after paying the lawyer $18,000.

How does a contingency fee work in a wrongful death lawsuit? 

When you and a lawyer agree on a contingency fee arrangement, the attorney will get to work right away. Although the attorney is not paid specifically for the time spent on the case, they are paid for the result. Additionally, the attorney only gets paid when the case is resolved and you are awarded money. The attorney has an interest to settle the lawsuit as soon as possible and for the biggest sum possible as a result.

The insurance company for the person or company that injured you must pay damages when the case settles or a jury awards them, or they must appeal. In most cases, the insurance provider will pay a check to your attorney instead of spending more money to challenge a jury verdict.

Your attorney will transfer the check into their trust account as soon as they receive it. The attorney will create a billing statement that details the expenses and details how the attorney’s fee was determined. You will receive the balance of the check once all costs and fees have been subtracted.

What does the attorney do to earn the fees? 

Wrongful death cases can take years to complete, and before a lawyer is paid, they will probably incur expenses totaling tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. The contingency fee percentage will often be larger the riskier and more complicated the case.

Typically, the attorney fee will pay for all services provided by the lawyer during the case, including:

Legal consultation: To gather information and give you legal advice, the attorney will often have at least a few conversations with you about your case.

Evidence gathering: The attorney’s team will compile evidence, including accident reports, witness testimonies, medical records, and pictures of the accident scene.

Overhead: The attorney must pay for his facilities and staff. 

Litigation: The attorney will have to draft legal filings to file a lawsuit if a settlement cannot be achieved. Following the filing of the lawsuit, the attorney will get ready for trial by taking witness depositions, exchanging paperwork with the insurance provider, and handling numerous legal matters through motion work. The attorney will deliver your case to the jury after the trial has started.

Negotiations: The attorney will engage in negotiations with the insurance provider to secure a settlement. There will be meetings, conversations on the phone, emails, and written correspondence during the discussions.

Even though your attorney may put in a lot of effort to win your case, a contingency fee ensures that you will get most of the settlement or damages award. If you would like to talk with a wrongful death lawyer about your potential case, then please call the Willis Law Firm at 1-800-883-9858. 

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