Wrongful Death Lawyer David P. Willis

Wrongful Death Lawyer David Willis

Wrongful Death Attorney

For about 40 years, David Willis has specialized in representing people who have lost loved ones in wrongful death claims. His life’s purpose is to ease the suffering caused by a family death. He recognizes that the law will not be able to repair emotional wounds or physical agony, but it can give support and stability in the future. It is one of his greatest privileges in life to assist individuals who have been harmed due to the negligence of others.

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Board Certification Shows Experience and Skill 

David’s clients are in desperate need of assistance. They require a lawyer who devotes himself to honing his skill. That’s why he took on the difficult task of becoming board certified. Lawyers, unlike physicians, do not required to be board certified in a certain field. Obtaining and maintaining board certification takes a great deal of effort. Most attorneys won’t be able to take the test if they don’t satisfy the prerequisites. That’s why, out of more than 90,000 lawyers in Texas, only around 1,300 are board-certified personal injury lawyers. A lawyer must meet the following requirements in order to sit for the certification exam:

  • Taken at least 10 personal injury cases to trial. 
  • Vetted by judges and attorneys who have directly watched the practitioner in action, including opposing counsel.
  • Have at least 25% of his practice committed to significant engagement in personal injury trial law.

After completing these difficult goals, David had to pass a test that most attorneys think is more difficult than the bar exam in order to become a board-certified personal injury attorney. However, board certification is not a one-time event. Every five years, David must recertify. As a result, he must keep up with changes in personal injury legislation. When you hire a board-certified lawyer, you’re getting a professional at the top in his field. Because matters are handled on a contingency basis, it doesn’t cost any more than engaging a lawyer without a certification.

What others say about David Willis 

David’s clients appreciate his experience and service. People say the following about their experience with David as a lawyer. 


“After I got seriously injured I felt lost and helpless. My father suggested I call Attorney Willis to help. His legal staff was amazing. Extremely patient and always called back when they promised. They were always available for me and helped push my case along fairly quickly. I highly recommend them to anyone I know.”

– Melvin D.


“As a trial lawyer & former Texas Judge, when my own daughter got seriously injured, I thought of no other lawyer to call to handle my daughter’s injury case except David Willis.”

– Ben C.

Results by David Willis 

David has pursued lawsuits that have impacted his clients’ industry and lives. The following are some of the industry-changing litigation David has undertaken.

  • David represented a five-year-old girl who was irreparably brain-damaged as a result of a prescription drug’s lack of a child-proof cap, which resulted in revisions to child-proof packaging practices. A $22.5 million settlement was reached in the lawsuit.
  • David was the attorney for a married couple who were involved in an SUV crash in which the woman died. The action resulted in a $3.5 million settlement.
  • David represented adolescents who were killed when a speeding train failed to blast its horn. After a three-week trial, David’s clients were awarded $25.5 million, which was later reduced to $15 million after an appeal. 
  • David represented a little girl who was severely brain damaged as a result of a wave pool. His case aided in the development of a new pool design standard. A $4.25 million settlement was reached in the lawsuit.
  • Because of a defective fix-a-flat tire sealant, David represented a client who was blinded by an exploding tire. Following David’s complaint, the corporation switched to a safer sealant compound. A $2.2 million settlement was reached in the lawsuit.
  • David was a lawyer for the family of a man who died as a result of hazardous exposure. A $3.5 million settlement was reached in the lawsuit.
  • David represented the family of a loved one who was killed in an 18-wheeler accident. A $1 million settlement was reached in the lawsuit.

Wrongful Death Attorney David Willis Resume

Mr. Willis and his personal injury law firm are committed to representing seriously injured people and their families. Mr. Willis was born and raised in Waco, Texas. He graduated from Baylor University in 1978 and then went on to graduate from the South Texas College of Law in 1982.

Later in 1983, Mr. Willis was chosen to serve as a Briefing Attorney on the Supreme Court of Texas for the Honorable Robert M. Campbell in Austin, Texas. After finishing his judicial clerkship, he began to practice plaintiff’s personal injury law in Houston in 1984. After numerous jury trials, he studied and passed the state board requirements to be recognized as a Board Certified in Personal injury Trial Lawyer and then founded the personal injury law firm of Willis & Associates.

Mr. Willis’ educational, career and legal highlights include:

• Baylor University (BA 1978)
• South Texas College of Law (JD 1982)
• State Bar of Texas (Admitted in 1983)
• New York State Bar (Admitted in 2005)
• American Association for Justice -ATLA / AAJ (Since 1988)
• Texas Bar Foundation (Member since 1996)
• Supreme Court of Texas – Briefing Attorney (1983-1984)
• Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer (Since 1988)
• National Award – Steven J Sharp Public Service Award 2001
• United States Patent Holder
• Top 100 Trial Lawyer – The National Trial Lawyers Association
• Vice President – Harris County Bar Association (1984-1985)
• Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer (Since 1988)
• National Award – Steven J Sharp Public Service Award 2001
• Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (Current)
• United States Patent Holder
• Top 100 Trial Lawyer – The National Trial Lawyers Association (Current)

Our Commitment

“My law firm is committed to representing individuals and families who have been the victims of a wrongful death or serious personal injury. Although monetary compensation will not bring back a loved one and cannot begin to heal the emotional hurt, sorrow or grief, it can help in many cases to relieve some of the economic stress, fear and hardship associated with the loss of a loved one. Once hired, we can also help take some worry and pressure off of the grieving family and act as a buffer to intruders into your privacy.

We deal with the investigating officers, wrecker services, car storage, insurance adjusters, insurance investigators. We also interview witnesses, hire needed experts to professionally photograph and inspect the scene preserve evidence and prepare the case for trial and are always available to talk to you along the way.

If you would like to know more, call us.

David Willis – Attorney at Law

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