Wrongful Death Settlement Calculator

Wrongful Death Settlement Calculator

Wrongful Death Settlement Calculator

Wrongful death settlement calculators are inaccurate at estimating a settlement. It takes skill, experience, and often expert advice to determine a fair value of a wrongful death settlement. This is because circumstances in every situation are different, such as who might be responsible for covering losses or how much the deceased person earned. 

Calculating Wrongful Death Economic and Non-Economic Damages

When seeking to determine the potential value of a wrongful death case, economic and non-economic losses are evaluated. You and your attorney can demonstrate economic damages through documentation and supporting evidence.

These losses are more tangible, making it more straightforward for an attorney to establish their value before starting your lawsuit.

Then there are non-economic damages. These are more challenging to calculate, but they can be the most substantial. Non-economic damages don’t come with a receipt, so they are more complicated to calculate. These include emotional damages that you must now face because of the death. This includes loss of love, guidance, attention, a sexual relationship, and moral support. It takes the skill of an experienced wrongful death attorney to calculate the non-economic damages in a wrongful death settlement. 

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Calculating Wrongful Death Settlement Amounts

When you meet with an attorney to discuss your wrongful death matter, they will ask you questions to calculate the value of your claim. To calculate the value of your claim, a lawyer will likely ask:

  • Are you an immediate family member of the deceased? 
  • When did the death occur? 
  • Where did it occur?
  • What was their age? 
  • What type of wrongful death occurred? 
  • What were the deceased’s education and training?
  • How healthy was the person before the injury? 
  • What were the total medical bills, even if you didn’t pay money out of pocket? 
  • What was the value of the deceased’s benefits, like health insurance or pension? 
  • What was the deceased’s income? 
  • Was this primarily the person who performed most household chores? 
  • How many years did the deceased have until retirement? 
  • What were the funeral costs?
  • Was your loved one hospitalized for a while or did they pass away quickly? 
  • Were they the family’s primary provider? 
  • Was there a baby who wasn’t yet born that died in the accident?
  • What are the age and circumstances of the deceased’s dependents?
  • How often did you receive affection, moral support, guidance, attention, or companionship with the deceased? 

These questions provide an insight into the value of your case. To calculate the wrongful death settlement that you could receive, please call a wrongful death lawyer. 

Calculate Wrongful Death Settlement with a Lawyer

It is vital to have a specialist wrongful death attorney on your side after the loss of a loved one. The Willis Law Firm has decades of experience helping injured Americans gain the payments to which they were legally entitled after suffering an injury or death of a loved one. Our wrongful death attorney is board certified and has obtained over $100 million for personal injury clients. He will put the same effort into your case. 

After our free consultation, you can decide how you want to proceed. If you decide to make a wrongful death claim for damages, an immediate family member or designated representative of the victim’s estate can file such a civil lawsuit with help from a wrongful death lawyer dedicated to your attorney-client relationship. Call 1-800-883-9858 for a free case review to get your questions answered today.

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