Wrongful Death Lawsuits Results

Although every case is judged on its own facts, we are proud of these selected results that we have achieved for our clients. 

$15,000,000 Railroad Crossing Fatality

A speeding train hit a car full of teenagers traveling down a two-lane country road. The train crew failed to blow the train’s horn. Southern Pacific failed to install lights or gates at the crossing. One back seat passenger died and the other was brain damaged. After three weeks of trial, the court rendered a verdict for $25.5 million against the train company and crew. The clients settled the matter for $15,000,000 after appeals began. Expenses $37,481, Attorneys’ Fees $5,216,100, Net to Clients $9,746,419

$3,520,000 Industrial Fatality Accident 

Willis’ client was working for an electrical contractor assigned to work in a refinery in Beaumont, Texas. While working in the plant basement for months, the worker was exposed to large amounts of ethylene oxide causing severe sensory nerve damage and death. Personal injury lawyer David Willis filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the plant owner and operator. They settled for $3.52 million after ferocious litigation. Expenses $34,372, Attorneys’ Fees $1,208,000, Net to Clients $2,277,628

$3,500,000 SUV Rollover / Roof Collapse Fatality
A young married couple was driving down Interstate 35 outside Temple, Texas when the back left tire suddenly detreaded causing the driver to lose control. The SUV rolled on the highway and then onto the shoulder. The wife’s head was crushed when the roof collapsed, killing her. David Willis brought a products liability lawsuit against the SUV and tire maker that later settled for $3,500,000. Expenses $28,269, Attorneys’ Fees $1,400,000, Net to Client $2,071,731

$3,000,000 RV and Motorhome Fire – Two Fatalities

Willis’ clients were a retired couple who were driving their motorhome. Suddenly the right front tire had a blowout from a road hazard. The tread struck the RV’s propane line located near the wheel well. It caused a rupture that suddenly engulfed the elderly couple’s home in flames, with the intensity at the front door of the RV. They burned alive because they could not escape the fire. David Willis brought a products liability lawsuit against the RV manufacturer and frame builder for negligent design and location of a propane line near the only exit. They settled for $3,000,000. Expenses $36,291, Attorneys’ Fees $1,200,000, Net to Surviving Family $1,763,709

$1,000,000 18 Wheeler Accident – Killed in an Accident

A truck driver who was high on drugs killed our client. Personal injury trial lawyer David Willis filed a trucking accident lawsuit against the 18 wheeler driver and his employer. They settled for the available insurance limits of $1,000,000. Expenses $17,325, Attorneys’ Fees $333,333, Net to Clients $666,666

These verdicts and settlements show the cases handled by our personal injury law office. Every matter is unique. So the results depend on the facts of the case. These results do not guarantee or predict the outcome of any other personal injury claims.